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Uncategorized Mar 02, 2021

Thanks everyone for an exciting journey! was created to offer a full guidebook on how to do Transcutaneous Auricular Vagus Nerve Stimulation through the microcurrent stimulation platform provided through TensPros w/ inspiration from the Dr. Nemechek Autonomic Medicine Office.

We launched the mini online course in late 2019.

But as 2020 began to take hold, we made the executive decision to offer the entire mini-course free of cost for the duration of 2020.


Now that 2021 has come, we feel it is time to continue the journey.

While we definitely want to continue helping everyone on the planet, the realities of offering a free mini-course that provides guidance on how to clip microcurrent to your ear is fraught with logistical challenges.

"What happens if someone has questions?" Who answers them? We do.

If someone doesn't understand how to use it, we answer those questions usually.


Noticeably, in the 13 months or so since launching, and having been utilized by thousands, we found the simple act of "hey thanks stranger for putting this together" was just not there.

So yes, Vagus Cure was a thankless task, but worth it, knowing we could rapidly get thousands of units moved all around the world, that's pretty darn cool!


We had lots of good results to.


But at the end of the day, do we think it's the only piece of the puzzle? Unfortunately, no.


Do I love what we created and the wonderful people we have helped? Of course!


But it's time to focus on our core competencies, and that is the full picture of working on the Vagus Nerve.


VagusCure mostly just got us questions like "should I use it for 19 minutes or 30 minutes?" or "should I do the left ear, why not the right ear?"


From our perspective, being in the world of the Vagus Nerve makes questions like these not very engaging for us.


 Ultimately, we do see incredible promise with electrical stimulation of the ear.


If you just got your own ear clip stimulator system and are excited to hook it up, we recommend Googling for more information, or contacting Dr. Nemechek directly as they may be able to get you on a more full protocol.


You may also directly contact TensPros and they will be able to directly assist you with placement and settings.


What a journey it's been!


Thanks again!

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